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Playa Del Carmen massages


Anti-Stress Soothing Massage – A complete massage incorporating Swedish techniques, reflexology and aromatic warm pillows to eliminate stress and fatigue.

Aromatherapy Massage – This deeply therapeutic massage combines different essences to soothe muscle tension, eliminate toxins and alleviate stress.

Therapeutic Massage – Combining deep tissue, Swedish and shiatsu techniques, this massage relaxes and energizes mind, body and spirit.

Deep Tissue Massage – This tension-relieving massage uses deep tissue techniques to eliminate toxins and improve blood circulation and oxygenation.

Swedish Massage – This refreshing, anti-stress massage targets the lymphatic system to improve blood circulation and eliminate toxins.

Reflexology – Targeting specific points on the feet, this treatment strengthens the body’s defenses while helping to eliminate stress and muscle tension.

Caribbean Soul – A deeply relaxing treatment using the warm aromatic oil of melted wax to leave your skin feeling smooth, hydrated and delicately scented.

The Moon and Stars Massage – Accompanied by the soft sound of waves, this is a romantic massage for couples.

Massage on the Beach – Pairing the beauty of the ocean and the sound of the waves, this relaxing massage combines several massage techniques to relax every muscle.


Hot Stone Therapy - Warm river rocks are the secret behind this deeply relaxing massage, bringing balance to your emotional and physical wellbeing.